Monday, April 16, 2012

Time goes so fast!

Livy is going to be 6 months by the end of the week....I can't believe it.  It's all going so fast: her growing up, Becca growing up, the seasons,'s amazing.  I only hope I can occasionally get my feet under me in order to look around and really enjoy it.  We are so blessed, but, MY GOODNESS, life can get kinda crazy around here ! :)

Here's a little flash of Livy growing up...

And there she is!  We love her so much.  She's such a joy.  Grace was a perfect choice for her middle name; she really is my saving Grace on so many days--with all the challenges, she ALWAYS make me smile.

We keep trying to get a good picture with both girls together, but it is tough! This is probably the best one we've got to date.

Easter was fun too!  I had to work so we stayed in Chesterton, instead of going to Chris' parents' house in Franklin, and had our Egg Hunt at 7am before I left for the hospital.  (I could've called this...the night before Easter, as we got talking more about the Easter Bunny coming to our house and hiding eggs, Becca started to get a little scared of the Easter Bunny.  We had to go up to reassure her twice while she was trying to fall asleep)  She loved the Egg Hunt and like her Easter basket.  I'm proud to say she didn't get TOO wrapped up in the candy (although the jelly beans were borderline too much--had to use them as punishment in the next several days...sorry Easter Bunny, had to throw out probably 30 jelly beans).

Monday, February 13, 2012

Flashback...(sort of)

I never posted anything about our wonderful Christmas celebration, but I would like to share.  It was so great!  Becca was excited but didn't really get it until Christmas morning.  She was a peach, though, and enjoyed every moment.  We changed around the logistics this year and it worked fabulously!  The whole family was together, and we had our holiday meal on Christmas Eve afternoon so when Christmas day was in full swing, Mom wouldn't have to worry about getting the big meal on.  We enjoyed a wonderful roast (from our 1/2 cow that we've been slowly eating) and other delicious dishes.  Christmas Eve we watched a little Michael Buble Christmas, a Christmas cartoon and we layed our Santa's cookies and the Reindeers' water and carrots...It was great!

Christmas morning...

Monday, February 6, 2012


Becca: "Mommy"
Me: "Yes, honey"
Becca: "Can I sleep with my eyes open?"
Me: "Of course, sweetheart, good night"

Livy's new thing:  sucking her thumb while nursing....REALLY?!  I've been there, thumbsucking = true love, but really?! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's we are a family of 4!

Olivia Grace Jones made her appearance on Friday, October 14th--8 days early.  She let mom finish up her last day at work and then decided there was no need for down time, joining us the next day.  Labor went smoothly, Chris worked Friday morning and was home by 2p which is when the contractions kind of started to get more regular.  We got in the car around 4:30p to take Becca to Kathy's and then hit the Skyway into Chicago at 4:45p on Friday afternoon to fully embrace rush hour.  It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get in, with my contractions coming every 4-5 minutes.  We got into our hospital room at 8p (contractions about every 2-3 minutes) I was 4 cm dilated.  Received my epidural at 8:30p and by 11p, the doctor was there instructing me to give a few, brief pushes.  Livy was here at 11:12p, weighing 7 pounds and 15 ounces and measuring 20 1/4 inches.

(As an aside, Chris was super pleased with Livy's timing as the Cardinals game was starting as we got into our triage room and finished about 25 min before she came)
Becca came to meet her new little sister the next day, as did Chris' parents

Olivia is laid back and easy going and showed us that even on those first days.  We went home Sunday without any complications or troubles during our stay. 

Becca's been a good big sister (though we've had some ups and downs, her and I).  We were lucky enough to have had a LOT of help for many weeks after coming home, with family staying and meals being has made the transition to 2 kiddos much easier.

We are trucking along as Livy grows so quickly.  She will be 11 weeks tomorrow!  I go back to work part-time on Jan 10th and the girls with both go to Kathy's.

Christmas was an absolute pleasure and blast this year!  We hosted and both Chris' and my parents were able to spend a few days with us.  Becca was well behaved and loved her gifts.  I cannot believe how grown up my first baby is...she is such a character and I love her so much.

Here is Livy and I a couple weeks ago...She's in 3mo and some 3-6mo clothes!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The last couple months...

I am the worst blogger, it's true.  I don't take offense.  I'm sorry.  Just a few words or a few pictures would satisfy, but I don't even get to's on the list of things to improve.

Anyway..summer's been good.  Becca's fantastic.  She continues to grow and make us laugh with all her comments.  It's so (embarrassingly) me...I obviously talk a lot with her/to her and she has picked up on an incredible amount of my lingo:  "I'm just a little fussy, mommy"  "I'm enjoying this"

Becca loves to dance, jump with 2 feet up, off of, and over anything, and run.  Becca is into week 2 of underware and has been doing well.  We had been playing with it for months, then she went on potty strike--I didn't want to force the issue, so I kind of dropped it.  We were back in full-fledge diapers until she was just done with them!  She still saves #2 for the diaper at nap time or for a first thing in the morning event, but Chris and I are both very proud of her.

I'm growing and hanging in there.  I'm due on October 22nd and neither Chris nor I are quite ready yet.  Becca, on the other hand, is very excited about Baby Sissy.  The nursery is set up for our new little one and the closet is once again stocked.

Chris is still plugging away at the patio, but it is very close to completion and looks AMAZING!  I will get to that post soon: a little photo flashback through the project...

Enjoy a few pictures

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An update...FINALLY!!

We are alive!  Life if busy but good.  Our little girl continues to grow and change so much!  Becca is quite a chatter box and has got a head full of CURLY blonde hair.  The first pictures below show Becca with her long gone, straight hair, which is more on the brown side, and the later pictures show her hair in its curly, blonde glory.  Though it gets Crazy, we love it!

Becca and I enjoyed our Paczkis together on Fat Tuesday in February.  With her sweet tooth, I wasn't surprised that she indulged without needing any convincing (nor did her mother).

We enrolled Becca in swim classes.  Both Chris and I got to go in with her on different occasions.  She loves being in the water.

Here is the start of curls, still brown, but these beautiful things joined us some time in April.

Becca and I enjoyed her first live stage performance, Seseme Street Live.  She was totally captivated.  It was a lot of fun, and I suspect we'll be regulars for the upcoming years.

Becca has also enjoyed playing in the water outside: hose, sprinkler and baby pool.  She's too cute!

Becca, of course, turned the big 2!  We kept the celebration very low key, but it was still a great time.  We had the grandparents in, Aunt Sarah, and even Betsy, Ben, Emma Lou and baby Clara stopped by.  Becca loved the gifts, the balloons, the cake and the attention.  We cannot believe she's already two and at the same time, we can't believe that this little gem has only been in our lives for two years.

Strawberry picking was fun again this year.  We picked two buckets worth, and I made a delicious pie--next year I'll make a few pies and freeze them.

Becca and I ventured up Lake Michigan to join one of my dearest friends and her family (newly expanded) in Manistee.  We stayed in a great beach house and went to the beach each of the three days we were there.  It is so great to catch up with the friends we love and don't get to see often enough. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost 21 months old!

Our little one keeps getting bigger and bigger (and cuter and cuter, if you ask her mom and dad).  She is talking so much more and pushes for independence: "Becca do it" and "Self" are common expression these days.  We've gotten a lot of snow this year so far.  Becca loves it!  She loves to run around in her boots and kiss and eat the snow from the ground.  I'm so glad she's liking the snow; we'd love to get her on skis before too long :)

She loves sucking on Mommy and Daddy's toothbrushes--gross!  I know it's bad--bacteria transfer...I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause.

We had the carpet replaced upstairs and we expect no less than a few extra projects to emerge in the midst of the carpet exchange, if you know Chris...Chris (and Becca) painted the trim in the 4th bedroom and the bedroom itself.  It looks fantastic, but honestly, do we need to have 16 projects going at once :)

Becca loves to help me in the kitchen and (for better or worse) has absolutely, no question inherited her mommy's sweet tooth.
As I mentioned above, Becca thought it was the funniest thing to eat the snow like this.  "Snow, eat"

My mom's group had a Valentine's Day party and this is Becca post-party enjoying her loot.

And her she is.  Chris and I can't believe how big she's getting.  She looks like a real, little girl in this more baby!